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Hearing Impaired Alarm Clock

A hearing impaired alarm clock is the perfect gadget for people who have physical health problems that stops them from hearing well nearby noises. Many people don't realize that there are lots of folks among us with impaired hearing and luckily manufacturers have started to cater for them with products that help them in times of need. Just imagine that you have a hearing problem and you still need to go to work the next morning. How will you be able to wake up if you can't hear the alarm?

Most people suffering from this affliction are the elderly among us, as hear loss, while not always, most of the times is a natural part of the aging process. As I mentioned before there are several gadgets and devices that help people through this problem. A vibrating alarm clock is such an example of a product catered specifically with deaf or near deaf people.

Some of the main brands of alarm clocks for the hearing impaired are the well known Sonic Boom and Shake Awake. I will be describing these two brands in more details below, if you need to buy such tools and devices for yourself or a loved one, you can easily find the best for your personal preferences - and budget.

Sonic Boom Vibrating Alarm Clock

When you first look at the Sonic Boom, you almost believe that it's a regular digital alarm clock. It has a nice clean look with a regular round black frame with large red digital numbers show on the display. However once you look closer, you will discover that this is really where the resemblance to regular alarm clocks stops.

Sonic Alert vibrating alarm clockOne of the things that sets it apart if the extra 'pulsating flash alert lights' that will ensure the person to truly notice the alarm - either through vibration or light emition. The bed shaker is an inbuilt 12 volt attached part that does the job of waking up the person from the deepest of any sleep. If the person can at least hear partially, the 113 decibel loud alarm system that has an adjustable tone as well as volume, will work its way through the ear canals of the person and wake them up no matter what.

The more modern model has also an inbuilt AM/FN radio that many people appreciate. The design is a rather steel gray rectangle that frames the white letters of the alarm clock quite nicely. Personally I like this particular design.

Here are some of the product features at a glance:

  • Packaged with our newest most powerful 12 volt bed shaker
  • Complete with AM/FM radio
  • Complete with a high/low dimmer switch to sleep better at night
  • Complete with a loud 113db adjustable tone and volume control
  • Battery backup to maintain the proper time in the event of a power outage

Shake Awake Vibrating Alarm Clock

Shake Awake vibrating alarm clockThe Shake Awake brand has a strong vibrating style that will definitely shake a person awake when sleeping. It has a very interesting and rather funky design that strongly reminds one of a stopper watch at a training session. However don't let that special design fool you as it is quite strong at shaking you awake at any time.

You can easily clip it to your shirt so should you be waiting at the airport for your plane and you happened to doze off, you won't miss that plane, no matter what. It is quite a compact gadget that fits pretty much anywhere, and this makes it a great travel alarm clock.


Here are some of the product features at a glance:

  • Clip the alarm to your shirt and never miss a plane while dozing off at the airport!
  • Shake Awake travel clock is a compact, self-contained battery powered vibrating alarm clock that rests easily under your pillow
  • Standard size batteries included. Includes a snooze alarm and a large, easy to read display light for nighttime viewing.
  • Manually lighted display for up tp 50% longer battery life.

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